Before the show: Jorja Smith plays the Omeara, London Bridge, 07/12/2016

British R&B babe Jorja Smith is top of the class in style and soul. We caught up with her before she performed to a packed crowd at Omeara, London Bridge

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In between being receiving MOBO nominations for best new song and touring the UK with NAO, Jorja Smith has been steadily taken over. Like an ice cold strawberry milkshake, Jorja’s R&B sound is both smooth and refreshing. Not only has she just dropped her debut EP, Project 11, the 19-year-old singer starred as one of our sorority girls in Notion 74’s School Spirit issue. After dropping her album, Jorja bought her delicious sound to Birmingham, Manchester and London, selling out shows in her first ever headline tour.

Whilst in London, We sent Marcel La Bachelet backstage before the show to catch up with the braided beauty herself before she blew minds at London Bridge’s Omeara.

Notion: Tell us how you are feeling about tonight’s show?
Jorja: Extremely excited 

What is your live set up for tonight?
I’m playing with a live band which consists of a drummer, bassist, guitarist and keyboardist. 

Who has come down to support you?
Old school friends from Walsall, new friends in London! Family and people who are enjoying my music. 

Tell us about your set list – what are you starting with and what are you finishing on?
So I’m beginning with ‘Something in the Way’. I’m going to open my set like this because its the first track on my EP Project 11, and I feel the introduction is so atmospheric and sets the tone perfectly for me to go on stage. My last song will be ‘Blue Lights’ as it’s the one everybody wants to hear especially. 

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
I put dragons blood on a piece of paper and sit on it (lol I don’t have any pre-show rituals) I literally just try and shut up because I talk too much.

Do you have a favourite performance that you have seen?
‘You Sent Me Flying’ by Amy Winehouse live at Baden Baden, Germany 2004, SWR 3 New Pop Festival. It’s one of my favourite Winehouse songs – I watched the performance on YouTube and was just so captivated by her voice and how real the song felt. 

Who for you, is the best live performer, dead or alive?
Amy Winehouse.

One word to describe your show…

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