Before the show – Loyle Carner @Shepherds Bush Empire, 18/02/2017

Showcasing the softer side of UK rap, we managed to squeeze backstage to chat to Loyle Carner at his packed-out show at Shepherds Bush Empire.

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Loyle Carner

Loyle Carner is a London boy born and bred. Hailing from Croydon, Loyle delivers his lyrical genius in an unapologetically South London twang. At 22 years old Loyle Carner, (real name Ben Coyle-Larner) is as talented as he is real. Writing straight from the soul, Loyle channels his heart, family and experiences into his music – with songs like ‘Isle of Arran’ fusing old-school soul with slick, emotive rap vocals. Alongside his more somber tracks, Loyle Carner has no issues getting the crowd hyped up with juicy, bass-filled tracks ‘NO CD’ and ‘Ain’t Nothing Changed’. Carner is a breath of fresh air in the British rap scene and proves that the progressive nature of the genre is forever evolving with Loyle at the helm.

We sent Marcel La Bachelet backstage to catch up with the man himself as he prepared for one of his biggest headline shows to date at Shepherds Bush Empire.

Notion: Tell us how you felt after Saturday night’s show?
Loyle Carner: Overwhelmed. Knackered. Over the Moon.

What was your live set up/live guests?
Me & My DJ Rebel Kleff. Tom Misch, Kwes and Jehst all jumped up.

Tell us about your set list – what did you start/finish with and why?
Started with ‘The Isle of Arran’ & finished with the ‘Sun of Jean’, because I wanted my mum to be the last voice the crowd heard.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
Yeah drinking whiskey & doing yoga.

Do you have a favourite performance that you have seen?
Homeboy sandman at SXSW.

Who for you, is the best live performer, dead or alive?
Jehst. Or maybe my boy Barney Artist, guy was built for the stage.

One word to describe your show…

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