Behind the scenes of Losing Out with Ebony Frainteso, Simran Randhawa and more

We spend some time on set with Ebony Frainteso and the cast and crew of her new video for Losing Out.

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It’s less than a week until Halloween and the year’s end is in sight. Because we’re on a never-ending quest for the future of music, that means we’re already considering whose going to be our favourites of 2018 and as of five days ago, a new contender has entered the ring. Ebony Frainteso released her second single ‘Losing Out’ on Friday with a dreamy video to match, and we’re already hooked. A London soul-inspired track with an electronic undercurrent the track flips heartbreak on its head with Ebony calmly declaring ‘you let me down’ and ‘you’re about to be losing out.’

The video was created by, and stars, an all-female team. Helmed by Bossy LDN and director Misha Meghna whose previously worked with The Internet, Nike and Leomie Anderson, it stars Ebony alongside a roster of creative women of colour including gal-dem assistant editor Simran Randhawa, painter Erin Alexis and models Pippa Melody and Jasmine May. We’re so enamoured with the project that we got Ebony and co to take us behind the scenes and break down how the video came to life. Take a look in the gallery below.

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