Belgrave isn’t pulling any punches on Cheat

Belgrave pens an intense break-up anthem on new single Cheat.

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Heartbreak is nothing new for pop music, in fact as a subject, it’s as old as the genre itself. Yet how artists turn heartbreak into music is an endlessly exciting thing, from the bitter drama of Fleetwood Mac to the empowering, quiet rage of Adele. On his new single ‘Cheat’ Belgrave tackles the subject head-on, detailing a relationship that ended due to his partner’s infidelity. Bristling with intensity, the track is a dark pop anthem packed with heavy synthetic drums under Belgrave’s falsetto.

Speaking about the track Belgrave said “last year I retreated to a tiny cabin on the cliffs in Cornwall to work on new songs. It was completely isolated; you stare out the window at 180 degrees of ocean, stretching out into the horizon. It was a reflective time in my life and I was processing some experiences that I hadn’t yet allowed myself to write about. Having that space allowed me to find a lyrical clarity in my voice. Gone are the metaphors and imagery, “Cheat” is as direct as it comes with me, recounting a situation that had ripped my heart in two. Experiencing infidelity within a relationship can make you feel powerless, passive within a situation out of your control. Even though the subject is painful, writing “Cheat” felt defiant and empowering, and that’s how I feel when I perform the song, it’s my way of taking the power back.”

Listen to ‘Cheat’ below.

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