Big Night In Paris: Boston Bun’s guide to the best night out in the French capital

Parisian DJ extraordinaire Boston Bun gives us his recipe for the perfect night out.

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Boston Bun

Paris’ nightlife often gets slept on. Stuck between London and Berlin, the French capital isn’t exactly renown for being a party destination. Despite this, some of the world’s best electronic music has its roots in Paris, from Ed Banger and Busy P to Daft Punk. With that in mind, we decided to get one of our favourite Parisian artist of the moments, Boston Bun to break down his essential spots for a big night in Paris.

Parc des Buttes Chaumont

“This summer is turning out to be a real hot one. It gets so hot that sometimes it’s hard to even breathe in the city! This park is in the 19th arrondissement; it’s higher than the rest of the city, and the view is amazing. It’s quite big, and it’s the best place to see the sunrise or sunset with a drink.”

Arcade Street

“This is the only Japanese Arcade in Paris, and best of all, it’s quite cheap! You can stay there for hours with friends, and the people there are really nice. You don’t even need to be heavily into gaming to go there; it’s just always fun.”

Etudes Studio

“Be sure to swing by the Etudes shop. It’s in the middle of Le Marais, surrounded by cool galleries and cafés. They have great stuff there and a good musical selection too.”

El Nopal

“If you like Mexican food, this is the place for you. A few years ago, I thought I was the only one who knew about this spot because I was living two streets away. One day, I woke up and Selena Gomez posted a selfie in front of the place saying, “Best food ever!” So now you’ll probably have to queue a bit; it gets really busy.”


“If you want to get flowers for your bae, Pampa is the place. You have to pre-book your flower bouquet in advance on the internet and you can pick it up at their workshop in the middle of Le Sentier. Everyone loves it.”

Guilo Guilo

“This one is special. It’s a Japanese chef cooking for only 15 people at a time. The experience is amazing; you can try really weird stuff and drink amazing Sake. The owner is also a DJ and he has a set of CDJs in the basement if you’re feeling brave…”


It would be impossible for me to not give a shout to my friends over at C75. They’ve managed to combine great clothes and great music for this really unique experience; you can go there to shop or just hang with friends plus the team there are so nice & welcoming.”

Nuits Fauves

“Nuits Fauve is a big club near the river. The line ups are always mental and the vibe is just as crazy. Go there to end your night and I guarantee you’ll have some unforgettable moments in Paris.”


“Badaboum is a a bit of a smaller club but it’s really unique; the DJs play behind a curtain, which sounds a bit weird but trust me, it works. It’s a 400 people capacity venue and there’s even an apartment upstairs. Plus, the cocktails are really good.”

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