Bipolar Sunshine is almost unrecognisable on new single Easy To Do

Bipolar Sunshine is back with a new home and an almost entirely new sound on Easy To Do.

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Bipolar Sunshine cut his teeth with a sprawling mix of trip-hop, R&B and indie. Holed up in Manchester he seemed to capture the zeitgeist of the time perfectly with his breakout single ‘Rivers’. In the five years since then, his sound has slowly mutated, staying relevant by bringing in snippets of the music around him in Manchester and in his new home in LA. Now he’s making a return-proper, introducing the world to a new sound, one that’s a world away from ‘Rivers’ but still unmistakably Bipolar Sunshine.

New single ‘Easy To Do’ is leading the way. Premiering on Notion today it’s a spacious, trap-tinged track that fuses Bipolar Sunshine’s penchant for lush instrumentation with Travis Scott-esque flair and rattling drums. Half singing half rapping over the beat, Sunshine declares a new manifesto of “no love lost” with all the braggadocio of his new home’s native MCs. Yet his Manchester roots are inescapable and it’s hard to not be charmed by the combination of self-aggrandising lyricism and his hometown accent. That combination lends the track an almost light-hearted quality; one which suggests to long-time fans that they needn’t worry about Bipolar Sunshine joining the ever-growing wave of trap-flavoured R&B. Listen to ‘Easy To Do’ below.

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