Bishi’s Albion Voice

“Indian skin but English at heart”, Bishi is bringing a synthesis of classical and unconventional sound and imagery based on her experience in Britain to a live audience

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Blending the traditional sounds of the sitar, with contemporary undertones from both eastern and western music, Bishi explores themes of Britain in cross-media performance, Albion Voice, arriving at Queen Elizabeth Hall next week. Described as an independent artist who “defies the genre pigeon-holing”, Bishi has a diverse music background, ranging from club music production, to children’s choirs through to classical sitar training. Bishi combines her unique experiences to produce an inimitable show that questions the artist’s personal and national identity, against the background of ancient and modern British commentary.


Bishi – ‘Britannia Portrait’ by Art Director Matthew Hardern

The multi-layered show, Albion Voice, uses music and light to portray the artist’s shifting perspectives as she sings in multiple languages and performs a range of literature which demonstrates Britain’s historical and cultural transformations. Aesthetically, Albion Voice is set to offer both a creative array of visuals and distinctive costumes that push the boundaries of performance style.


Bishi – ‘Indian Queen’ by Art Director: Matthew Hardern

Born in London to a musical mother, the classical Indian singer Susmita Bhattacharya, Bishi has always been surrounded by musical influences. Recently featuring deceased Labour MP, Tony Benn, on her latest single ‘Look The Other Way’, Bishi seems to have no fear of exploring social political issues, such as the ‘surveillance society’ in her single ‘One Nation (Under CCTV)’.

Bishi’s Albion Voice arrives at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the Southbank Centre on the 25th May at 7:00pm. For more information about Bishi and her performance, visit Bishi’s website.