Blakey views the world through a Prism of Love on his debut single

Newcomer Blakey joins forces with JONES on woozy debut single Prism of Love.

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Genre has become meaningless in 2018. With every exciting new talent that emerges, the boundaries between genres become a little fainter and attempting to apply them to an artists work feels increasingly redundant. Case and point is Blakey, a new singer/ producer/ songwriter type artist from East London making ethereal, heartbroken ballads that draw on everything from Frank Ocean style R&B to Bon Iver’s folktronica.

Newly signed to 37 Adventures, his debut single ‘Prism of Love’ is a haunting duet with label-mate JONES. Premiering today on Notion, the track is inspired by heartbreak and a troubled romance it’s a lament to an ex-lover, Blakey’s voice looping as it switches between processed falsetto and more natural baritone. Meanwhile, JONES’ verse adds an extra dimension to the drama of the track, weaving in new melodies and swapping lines with Blakey as the track builds to its cinematic conclusion. Listen to ‘Prism of Love’ below.

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