Blänk go ‘Running’ through the Sápmi with their woes

Atlanta and Sweden come together for a sensual, stripped back take on modern hip hop.

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The internet’s influence on hip hop is hard to overstate. From the mad-trap stylings of Lil’s Uzi Vert and Yachty, to the fact that Drake just released a ‘playlist’ of original material, there’s no bigger force in the rap world right now. Case and point are Blänk; a rising trio split between Atlanta and the northern-most regions of Sweden, or Sápmi to the locals. On the verge of dropping their third album, Weary Soul, the group not only create the kind of woozy cloud rap that marked the dawning of the internet age of tomorrow but their reliant on the internet to create that music in the first place.

Their latest single is ‘Running’, a hazy, neo-RnB influenced track, premiering today on Notion, that balances Atlanta’s signature trap sound with the kind of sleek, perfectly considered production we’ve come to expect from the Swedes. Over a late-night-cruiser of a beat, MC Simon Trabelsi and singer Lina Öhman exchange vocals with confident and grace before it all peels back and a blistering trumpet solo rolls in. It’s the kind of production trick that elevates a track like ‘Running’ from SoundCloud-sleeper-hit to bedroom playlist essential. Give it a spin below.

Weary Soul is out April 7th on Grind Records.

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