Blossom Caldarone confronts her own mortality on the cheerful Life Again

Nineteen-year-old Blossom Caldarone is here to remind you that you will die one day.

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blossom caldarone

There’s nothing more universal than death. No matter who are, no matter how many Instagram followers you have or how many times you’ve hung out with Virgil Abloh, you’re going to die someday. If you’re young and healthy you have the luxury of forgetting this fact 90% of the time, which makes it all the more unsettling when something happens to remind you that one day your mortal coil will unfurl.

That’s precisely the inspiration behind Blossom Caldarone‘s new single ‘Life Again’. Premiering today on Notion, it’s a cheerful, whip-smart track that serves as a retrospective on a full life as it draws to an end. Caldarone is only nineteen and at the start of her no doubt meteoric rise so there’s not much to reminisce about from her perspective, so instead she adopts the voice of her grandma, employing a familial tenderness and humour to detail her regrets and wants. Speaking about the track, Caldarone said “I wrote ‘Life Again’ after a conversation with my nonna; she said she was struggling with everything changing as she’s getting old and how she feels like her time here is done. It’s just about, despite how much we want to, we can’t control getting old”. Listen to ‘Life Again’ and watch the video below.

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