Bonobo shares Alice In Wonderland-esque video for No Reason (Ft. Nick Murphy)

Come with us now on a journey through time and increasingly less space to the world of Bonobo's bedroom

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Bonobo-no reason

Bonobo has shared the video for new Migration single ‘No Reason’ featuring Nick Murphy, (fka Chet Faker) and its a wonder of repetition and set design. Directed by Oscar Hudson, the video is based around a hikikomori, a Japanese person who, overcome with the pressures of modern society, has retreated into their bedroom, sometimes for years at a time. A camera tracks through a series of near-identical rooms, each smaller than the last as it’s protagonist goes about his daily life as best he can, increasingly too large for the room he occupies.

Hudson spoke to The Creators Project about the video, explaining how they achieve the continuous shot effect with no CGI or green screen, painstakingly building each of the rooms and altering the details. ‘No Reason’ is the second single from Migration, following on from ‘Kerala’, the video for which also drew heavily on repetition to disorientate the viewer – again appearing to repeat shot with subtle differences each time.

Watch the video for ‘No Reason’ below.

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