Brighton’s cheeky indie band The DuBarrys take us all around the UK

After recently releasing ‘Catch The Rider’, the guys that make up Brighton indie four piece, The DuBarrys present you with an exclusive look into their lives with their mood board

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Rylan, Rax, Alex and Jack from The DuBarrys have turned away from the path of electro-pop many indie bands have been heading towards, instead focusing on some quintessentially British sounds we’ve all been quietly missing – classic indie guitar music. No pretences, no gimmicks, just good music and from a super likeable group of guys from just down the road in pretty old Brighton.

Travelling a little further afield than their hometown, in their mood board you see the guys travel across the country, rehearsing, relaxing and enjoying band life. It’s hard not to love the mix of cheeky smiles we get in this exclusive snapshot of their day to day lives: losing teeth, rehearsals, smiles, smoke machines, hanging out with Carl Barat and more!

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