Brooke Bentham fends off a supernatural gatecrasher in the video for Losing, Baby

Brooke Bentham is making a name for herself with her spacious, darkly-tinged songwriting. We premiere the new video for Losing, Baby.

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Brooke Bentham is fast becoming one of the UK’s brightest songwriting talents. Originally from Southshields, Brooke found her voice at Goldsmiths (another win for South London then) and has been steadily picking up attention ever since. Her first EP ‘The Room Swayed’ dropped back in June and is due a follow up in coming months, and she’ll be touring the country at the end of October and November. It’s a perfect time then for an introduction to her oeuvre.

Her new single ‘Losing, Baby’, does the job well. A slow-burning track that deals with the anxieties and depressive thoughts that linger in the back of your mind, ‘Losing, Baby’ starts quiet and restrained, piano and vocals creating a simultaneously eery and soothing vibe. Bentham’s vocals become more spacious and drawn out as the track progresses, the tail end of one lyric bleeding into the start of the next until the track reaches its psychedelic, claustrophobic conclusion. It’s the kind of track that sucks you in, lulling you into its lavish instrumentation only to spit you back out again in a daze.

The track’s accompanying video draws on the same themes, directed by Siblings (the visual project of Grace and Alex Lightman) it’s set in a sort of haunted version of Dirty Dancing, one where, according to Bentham “Baby was put in a corner, and now she’s back to drag everyone into her grotesque nightmare.” It’s certainly unsettling. Watch/ listen to ‘Losing, Baby’ below.

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