Bryson Tiller rubs off the paint on Birmingham

Bryson Tiller jumps on YNB Nahmir's Rubbin Off The Paint beat for his new Birmingham freestyle.

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Trap soul phenomena Bryson Tiller has taken a break from his European tour to release new track ‘Birmingham’, a freestyled remix to YBN Nahmir’s breakthrough track ‘Rubbin’ Off The Paint’. Not sticking to his usual rhythm – a soft rap vocal, over a smooth trap inspired soul hook – he adopts a versatile, upbeat rap ego for Nahmir’s beat. Over the weekend, Tiller tweeted he’s in ‘mixtape mode’, and, although there’s no date for a future drop, in October he posted a snapshot of himself in a Copenhagen studio, reading “creating in Copenhagen. Need to update my SoundCloud with some new music.”

Tiller is currently in the UK for his ‘Set It Off’ tour with special guest SZA. Yesterday he kick-started the trip in Birmingham and will make a stop in Manchester on Saturday before heading to London next week and rounding it up in Dublin on November 30th. Listen to ‘Birmingham’ below.

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