Carmody explores power play between two lovers in The Light of Me video

The Tom Misch collaborator and fellow South East Londoner releases the stunning video for 'The Light of Me'.

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It’s clear to see South London’s music scene is having a real moment right now, abuzz with the talents of exciting artists blurring the boundaries of genre while invigorating existing ones. South East London artist Carmody is part of a circle of multi instrumentalists including Tom Misch and Alfa Mist emerging from its collaborative music scene, taking R&B to new places, telling new stories. A longtime collaborator of Misch, fans of his may already be aware of Carmody’s work which can be summed up as super smooth vocals, heavenly melodies.

Today she premieres the video for irresistible song ‘The Light of Me’, directed by Daniel Broadley and which stars two male dancers. Set in London’s live music venue the Omeara (owned by Mumford and Sons’ Ben Lovett), the visuals follow the two dancers as they portray how the balance of power constantly shifts within a relationship. Utilising the atmospheric backdrop of the Omeara, and manipulating the lighting for dramatic effect, the visuals help to demonstrate the complexities of human relationships Carmody paints in her lyrics.

“Our main theme was the exploration of power struggles and the transfer of power within relationships,” Carmody says of the video which she worked on alongside choreographer Olivia Lockwood. “This manifested itself in the physical struggle between two male dancers, and the exploration of a homosexual relationship. We wanted to look at the physical transfer of power which is visually evident in the dancer’s movements and their physical support of one another.”

The result is a captivating video which pairs beautifully with Carmody’s gorgeous track.

Carmody will perform at Boudica Festival in Coventry on 23rd September as part of an all-female lineup.

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