Carmody flips the script in new song Singing Your Love

The male form is Carmody's muse in her latest single.

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At her headline show at the Bussey Building last year, Carmody paused mid-way through her set to talk about a new song she would be performing. This was a song born from her frustrations at the vast amount of music that uses objectification of women as its narrative and as a response, she decided to write a song that flips this around. The song was called ‘Singing Your Love’ and it’s premiering here today, a track that celebrates the sexual pull of a lover and the male physique.

“It came from a conversation I had on the Are We Live podcast” Carmody explains, “where I talked about there being no songs that objectify men, no music videos with men washing cars in little cute boxers. So it also stemmed from a desire to see and write about the male form as a muse and sexual object.”

The result is far from cliched however and is actually rather sweet, an uplifting track that captures the infatuation stage of a relationship. It’s also a breakthrough of sorts in terms of her songwriting. “‘Singing Your Love’ feels like my first love song” she says. “I read somewhere that songwriters are always documenting each phase of their lives through their music. I had never thought of it like that before, but it felt important to write about a moment beyond the battles that can exist when you fall in love.”

Teaming up with producer Courage (Ray BLK, Stormzy) and mixer Tim Rowkins (Mura Masa, Two Door Cinema Club), Carmody not only shakes up the narrative but experiments with her style. ‘Singing Your Love’ is one to move to.

Carmody will play a series of live dates this month, check them out here.
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