Catch up with your new fave popstar Allie X

Take a snoop inside the life of your new fave popstar with Allie X’s photo diary

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LA-based artist, Allie X, has a fresh, synth-pop sound and a fun approach to making music. Contender for the crown of alternative pop, she has recently released her new single ‘All the Rage’ from her upcoming album ‘CollXtion ll’ giving fans a glimpse of her influences. She’s currently working on ‘CollXtion ll Unsolved’ – a collaboration with fans, giving them a personal insight into her creative process as she goes about creating her new album. Her fans will be able to provide feedback and comments and as a result will shape what the finished product will look like. Allie X will be posting songs, demos, alternative/ live versions encouraging fans to contribute to the final product in a very innovative take on the creative process.

With a strong look and a sound to rival some of pop’s leading ladies, we had to find out more about her. Scroll through to see a photo diary of some recent events

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