Charles’ Darker Shade of Green sounds like a forgotten funk gem

Charles conjures up an old-school funk jam for a tale of love and jealousy on new single Darker Shade of Green.

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Charles’ new single ‘Darker Shade of Green’ is the kind of track you hope to pull out of the funk section at your local record shop. Laced with squelching bass and jangling guitars, it’s a burst of funk condensed into a pop package, a concentrated hit of nostalgia and off the wall campness. The drums snap and the backing vocals sway, layers building until it feels like there’s an eight-piece band playing the backing track. At the centre of it all is Charles’ voice, an almost comically low-swinging baritone that comes complete with a curled upper lip and raised eyebrow. It fits perfectly, evoking a roster of smooth soul and funk men past from Barry White to Issac Hayes.

Today, Charles is sharing the video for ‘Darker Shade of Green’ with Notion. Staring himself and four sets of couples, it’s a heavily stylised look at different relationship dynamics. Set in a wood-panelled diner, the visuals compliment the nostalgic but slightly surreal feel of the track itself with choreographed dance moves and matching outfits featuring heavily. Speaking about the track Charles said “Being in love is a beautiful thing, but people forget to tell you what the actual T is. It’s hard fucking work, graft and jealousy loves to creep in at any opportunity. I struggled with that emotion because I never expected it from love. It took me completely by surprise and it’s still something that I’m trying to keep under control.” Watch the video for ‘A Darker Shade of Green’ below.

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