Chivas Regal play host to the most important people in UK culture with new podcast The Blend Sessions

Chivas Regal has been the creative world's favourite whisky since 1909. Now they're hosting a series of conversations with the UK's most important cultural figures, we get the scoop on their new podcast, The Blend Sessions.

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No man is a monolith. Throughout history, some of the most vital movements in culture, music, in particular, have been the result of collaboration and the coming together of disparate influences to create something new. Whether it’s the innumerable super groups that span the history of pop music or the increasing number of joint collections from the most exciting fashion brands, collaboration and experimentation have always been a driving force in culture. If Kanye West hadn’t invited Chance the Rapper to the studio there’d be no Life of Pablo, if Killer Mike and El-P had never joined forces, Run The Jewels wouldn’t have shut down Field Day recently and a world without Adidas X Raf Simmons or Comme Des Garcons X Converse doesn’t really bare thinking about.

It’s precisely this spirit of collaboration and communication of ideas that new podcast series The Blend Sessions aims to explore every week. Created by Whisky House Chivas Regal and hosted by Style Director Teo Van Den Broeke, The Blend Sessions brings together some of the most interesting and important people in culture to discuss how collaboration has shaped their careers and culture more widely. Spanning everything from fashion to photography, with looks at food, art and literature as well, the podcast gives listeners a unique look at the UK’s cultural history through the eyes of those who have helped shape it.

Who better to start with than Acyde and Tremaine? The men behind globe-trotting party No Vacancy Inn, the pair have carved a niche for themselves that relies on collaboration and blending disciplines; one minute they could be hosting a radio show, the next they could be selling out a line of T-Shirts at Dover Street Market. They’ve essentially turned their friendship and creative passions into a career that’s seen them travel the world, befriend Virgil Abloh and Kanye West and throw some seriously great parties along the way.

Acyde is a Londoner through and through, starting his career in Nike’s marketing department, he met Tremaine at a party for Nike and the pair hit it off immediately. “Tremaine is one of the most naturally social people I’ve ever met,” he explains of his American partner. “Whenever I come up with a really crazy idea, and I’m like who can I share this with? It’s like ‘Ahhh Tremaine!’” It’s this sociability Acyde explains to Van Den Broeke that’s key to the duo’s success. “That’s what he does, he’s a social host, and you can put that job into so many places in the world.”

Tremaine meanwhile is a native New Yorker, he came to London seven years ago after a stint at Marc Jacobs and immediately fell into the capital’s creative scene. “I moved to London in February 2010, and I met all these people and everyone I met would say “you and Acyde would get along.” Tremaine explains. “I went to [a] party and I didn’t know he was this Acyde, this mythical figure that I’d heard about, he was just a little dude with cigars.” They’ve been friends ever since.

Throughout their Blend Sessions conversation, recorded at Chivas Regal’s pop-up bar, ‘The Blend’ the duo explain how their friendship helps their creative process, the importance of trust in creative partnerships and how No Vacancy Inn went from a few pop-up parties, to a hub for some of the most in demand creatives around. Get the first episode of the Blend Sessions on iTunes to hear their conversation in full.

That’s just the start, The Blend Sessions will play host to Jackson Boxer and Jeremy Lee, the chefs behind some of London’s most pioneering restaurants (after all, you want your food to be as good as your whisky), Reggie Yates and Dan Davies, who’ll dive into the world of documentary filmmaking, and a host of authors, photographers and leading cultural figures. The perfect auditory accompaniment to a glass of Chivas Regal whisky.

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