Chloe Martini brings the funk on her remix of MAAD’s New Religion

London via Warsaw producer Chloe Martini flips MAAD's 'New Religion' into a silky smooth 80s jam.

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When you think of R&B, you think of the 90s. The genre and decade are so intertwined that nearly every city in the UK has a 90s R&B night, so inextricably linked that you can hardly think of one without the other. This form of the genre has been enjoying a massive revival on both sides of the Atlantic lately. From TLC reunions to hordes of 90s-esque singers, to paraphrase Portlandia, the dream of the 90s is alive in R&B. One of the R&B revival’s leading lights is MAAD, an NYC based singer and model whose set herself apart with her distinctive take on the genre and powerful vocals. She’s often grouped together with the rest of the new-90s wave (or should that be nu-90s?) however listen deeper to her work and it’s clear that there’s much more to it than just imitating the genre’s golden years.

Take her most recent single ‘New Religion’ for example, at first listen it has all the trapping of a 90s classic, catchy hooks, lovesick lyrics, that sense of drama at the core of it all. However, hidden in the melodies and instrumentation is the sound of another time, another phase in R&B’s transition from Marvin Gaye to The Weeknd, the 80s. It’s these elements that Chloe Martini chose to emphasise on her remix of ‘New Religion’, building on the drama and 80s-esque funk already buried in the track’s core. Premiering on Notion today, west coast style synths pulse and shimmer below and amped version of MAAD’s vocal. The whole track conjures images of neon beaches and gaudy nightclubs drenched in the excess the eighties have become synonymous with.

Speaking about the remix MAAD said: “Chloe and I had been wanting to work together for a while now so I’m really excited to have her hop on a remix for ‘New Religion’.  I think it’s so dope and refreshing to team up with a fellow female creative and I love the energy Chloe brings to the remix. I’m looking forward to creating more with her in the future!” Alongside the premiere of the ‘New Religion’ remix, we caught some time with MAAD for a new editorial, shot by Nigel HoSang and styled by Karina Sharif. Check that out above and listen to Chloe Martini’s ‘New Religion’ remix below.

Photography Nigel HoSang
Creative Direction & Fashion Karina Sharif
Makeup Tenelle Veira

For more on MAAD, pick up a copy of Notion 78, available online now. 

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