Chloe Martini and Ruby Francis take on Ed Sheeran with their perfect late-night Shape of You cover

Warsaw's rising production wunderkind Chloe Martini and UK future-soul star Ruby Francis flip Shape of You

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‘Shape of You’ is everywhere. The dancehall-pop craze has been around for a minute now but leave it to Ed Sheeran to knock it up a gear with this return. In the week or so since the track dropped, we’ve been hearing reworks and covers left and right, but our favourite has to Ruby Francis and Chloe Martini’s sultry, laid-back take on the track.

Ruby takes on vocal duties, while Chloe re-works the beat behind her, adding some chunkier grooves and even an Ashanti sample for good measure. Not to be out-done by Ruby’s fantastic vocal performance Martini even busts out her all-white Fender for a smooth guitar solo towards the track’s end. Check it out below.

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