Clean Bandit and Zara Larsson team-up to tug your heartstrings on ‘Symphony’

Clean Bandit and Zara Larsson team up to lock off the number one spot for at least the next month.

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As far as pop behemoths go, in 2017 you don’t get much bigger the Clean Bandit or Zara Larsson. It feels like every time we leave the house one of them is being played from every shop, car or ironic boombox (we work in Shoreditch, we know, we’re very sorry). It’s fair to say then, that their new collaboration, ‘Symphony’ is about to knock Ed Sheeran’s normal-looking-but-probably-very-expensive glasses off the top of the charts in the four minutes and six seconds it takes to run through the track length.

Clean Bandit have given the track the full music video treatment as well, depicting the romance between the conductor of the track’s titular symphony and his boyfriend, interspersed with clips of the aftermath of some tragedy that separates the two. Clean Bandit also take Zara back to their ends, performing the track with the aforementioned symphony in a grand concert hall, dolled up to the nines. A chart topper if there ever was one. Watch it below.

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