Copenhagen’s KING gets hyperactive on Hello Hello

Fusing electronic music with hints of hip hop and a unique take on songwriting, dancer turned pop star KING isn't your average scandi-pop wannabe.

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If you like your electronic music with a little hip hop flavour, you need to know about KING. The 27-year-old niece of a bodyguard to Fidel Castro, KING cut her teeth dancing on the streets of Copenhagen from an early age before winding up studying and teaching dance in the city before the time she was 18. Jump forward a few years, and those roots have found their way into her music in unlikely ways, fusing hip hop inspired melodies with atmospheric, often brooding electronic beats.

Her latest single ‘Hello Hello’ sees the Danish singer head in a more hyperactive direction, taking on a skittish, footwork inspired beat. Her vocals are chopped and screwed throughout, layering over each-other to create a disorienting, textured feel to the track. The video, premiering on Notion today, was filmed in LA where KING’s currently working with a whole host producers readying her big break. The visual take’s KING back to her roots, dancing in the street while showcasing her unique style. Watch below and read our interview with the rising star after the jump.

We heard that your uncle was the personal body guard to Fidel Castro! Could you please expand on this connection?

My Cuban family have been big supporters of Fidel Castro, and they all worked for him. My uncle has a lot of stories about being a bodyguard for Fidel – like one time Fidel ordered my uncle to jump in the pool even though he was very afraid of water and couldn’t swim (most people in Cuba can’t swim). My uncle will be so happy that you asked me this question because he is so proud of having worked for Fidel Castro!

Your latest song ‘Hello Hello’ talks about meeting someone you’re not ready to meet. What inspired you to create a track around this idea?

I feel like I meet a lot of new people all the time, and sometimes I get frustrated that I don’t have the time to take it all in.

We know you hail from Denmark. What’s the art + music culture like over there? How much does where you come from inform your sound?

I make most of my music in Stockholm, so I actually don’t really make much music in Denmark. My inspiration doesn’t really come from where I live – it comes from within. From what I’m feeling and thinking.

You’ve spent some time in LA recently, who have you been working with and can we expect an LP soon?

I have just spent some time in LA working with a few different producers. I really liked working with them, so I’ll be going back to LA in a few weeks. I’m still just starting up in LA so everything is very new and I don’t know a lot of people yet. But it’s exciting! Yes, I will definitely put out an album this year. Stay tuned!

Drew Wylie contributed reporting to this story.
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