Delve into the South’s artistic outcasts with Adia Victoria

Adia Victoria is dragging the South kicking and screaming into the 21st century

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Raised in the backwoods of South Carolina, and now based in Nashville, Adia brings a Gothic twist to the Southern United States age-old tradition of country and folk. Adia’s first birth as an artist was as a poet and writer, only turning her hand to music when she was given a guitar by a friend. From there she found herself drawn to the raw, soul shattering work of Robert Johnson and the simplicity of Hank Williams. This, combined with an obsession with society’s outcasts makes for some seriously unsettling works that recall the legacy of Southern music but with a snarl that’s unmistakably modern. As we wrap our minds around her recently released debut album Beyond the Bloodhounds, she lets Notion into her world with her exclusive moodboard, dedicated to the South’s artistic outcasts.

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