Denai Moore is Desolately Devoted, alone in the beautiful wild

Denai Moore's new visuals feature the stunning backdrops of the South African desert.

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At 23 years young, Denai Moore already has a more than enviable back catalogue of luscious material, last week releasing her second album, We Used to Bloom. An artist whose style winds itself around multiple genres, defying categorisation, Moore has remained a perfect anomaly since the release of her first EP. Her gentle melancholy plays on one’s sensibilities, not only with its audible richness but the subtle complexities of her words, with her new work no exception, drawing on personal experiences of a young woman struggling with her identity.

Born in Jamaica and growing up in Stratford, Moore spent her early years surrounded by the sounds of the local gospel choirs. It’s the soul Moore seems drawn to in her new album which she collaborated with all-girl collective In Bloom who helped shape the artistic direction.

Today she premieres the striking visuals for ‘Desolately Devoted’. Filmed in various locations in the South African desert, the visuals depict Moore against different landscapes, their structures bold and palettes intense. She was supposed to be joined on set by a South African choir, but due to the recent uprising against South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma meant they couldn’t reach her. However, the absence of anyone else in each frame adds to the idea behind the track, of feeling totally exposed.

“Desolately Devoted is about the terrifying but wonderful sensation of wanting to be with someone, and the reluctance to accept that someone can make you feel so vulnerable” she says. “The idea of the video was for it to be shot in vast desolate spaces in South Africa. This was probably my favourite video I’ve ever shot, mainly because I would have been too terrified to make this kind of video years ago. I never used to be able to even watch my own videos back but I watch this one all the time.”
Watch the video below.

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