Dirty Nice take Director X into cyberspace in the video for EDIT

Newcomers Dirty Nice pay homage to one of hip hop's greatest music video directors in their new video for EDIT.

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Director X’s impact on hip hop’s music video cannon is immeasurable. Known for his distinctive use of colours and huge, sculptural sets, he’s given the world iconic videos like ‘The New Workout Plan’, ‘Hotline Bling’ and all of Sean Paul’s best. Taking up the mantle from Hype Williams, he’s become the defining director for an era of music videos in hip hop and beyond. Over that time there have been plenty of tributes to the Canadian mastermind but none that manage to capture his dynamism and sense of fun like Dirty Nice‘s new visual ‘EDIT’.

Hailing from Bournemouth and Goldaming respectively, Dirty Nice, aka Hammer and Charlie, are a semi-anonymous duo that specialise in the kind of genreless dance music most often associated with Hot Chip and Jungle. Their latest single is ‘EDIT’, a track that manages to fuse 8-bit salsa, early house and even early 00s rap into something far greater than it sounds on paper. The accompanying video, which they’re premiering on Notion today, takes Director X’s visual style and transposes it into a digital world. There’s towering, floating set pieces, virtual video girls, which are more than a little uncanny tbh and plenty of nods to the vaporwave aesthetic which Dirty Nice have always had an affinity for.

Animated by Charlie himself, it’s another fascinating glimpse into the world the group are creating for themselves and even offers the first glimpse of one their faces (maybe) during Charlie’s frantic rap breakdown. To honour the occasion, the duo has also given their first ever interview to Notion where they reveal more about their origin story than you might care to know. Catch that after the jump and watch the video for ‘EDIT’ below.

How many people are in Dirty Nice?
110% s a d b o y s. Charlie on vocals and beats by Hammer.

Where are you from?
Bournemouth (Hammer) and Godalming (Charlie). By the beach and by the woods

When did you meet?
We met in a car park a few years ago…

Why have you chosen to remain anonymous?
We’re anonymous like a furled rose at sunrise –  just about to open up.

Whose in charge of your visuals as a group?
Charlie designs and creates the visuals. This video was inspired by the work of Director X  – we’re massive fans.

Which iconic artist would you support on tour?
@champagnepapi BIATCHHHH.

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