Dimitri from Paris announces new album
Le CHIC Remix

The iconic French DJ reworks some of disco's biggest hits for his new album Le CHIC Remix.

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Dimitri From Paris

Veteran French DJ and producer Dimitri From Paris has announced his new album Dimitri From Paris Presents Le CHIC Remix. Seeing the mastermind take on the back catalogue of Nile Rodgers’ icon group CHIC, the new 10-track album will feature remixed and reworked versions of disco classics such as ‘Le Freak’ and ‘Lost In Music.’ Reworked from the original master tapes, Le CHIC Remix will be the first time that many of these tracks have been given the official remix treatment.

Dimitri From Paris has a long history with disco, starting out as a DJ more than thirty years ago and making edits of classic tracks for almost as long. Le CHIC Remix will be his first full-length album since 2014’s In The House of Disco compilation. Le CHIC Remix is out on Glitterbox Recordings on June 8th.

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