Don’t be a waster: Henry Holland’s new tee range has a clear message

The 100% recycled t-shirts launched in association with BRITA are to raise awareness of our use of plastic while raising money for the Marine Conservation Society.

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British designer Henry Holland has collaborated with BRITA for a number of limited edition charity tees as part of a #SwapForGood campaign raising awareness of our use of plastic. In the UK alone, we currently use 15 million plastic water bottles per day (!) and with the figures of how much plastic humanity has produced now standing at 9.1 billion tonnes, it’s evident our use of the material is growing at an alarming rate.

Expanding on the slogan t-shirts which made him a household name, Holland has created two additional slogan tees with cheeky but important messages which he aims to promote responsible consumption of the material while encouraging viewers to think about just how much plastic they consume.

In addition to this, the t-shirts have been made using recycled plastic bottles and salvaged cotton, ensuring these products have less of a cost to the earth. What’s more, profits raised will be going directly to the Marine Conservation Society who are working at counteracting the damage already done to oceans around the world.

Actress, philanthropist and Holland’s friend Lily Cole is also supporting the campaign, encouraging people to carry re-usable bottles such as BRITA’s Fill&Go bottle.

The Henry Holland x BRITA #SwapFodGood limited edition t-shirts are available to purchase here, priced at £30.