Drake and BlocBoy JB take Memphis in the video for Look Alive

Is there a greater joy in life than watching Drake earnestly pull out his most extravagant hip hop dad moves?

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look alive

Drake is the co-sign king. In 2018 there’s no rapper more willing to throw their support behind an emerging MC than the Champagne Papi. Over the last few years, he’s backed everyone from Kamaiyah to Section Boyz and now he’s jumped on a track with Memphis rapper BlocBoy JB. ‘Look Alive’ is a pretty minimalistic trap-inspired cut with Drake flexing his bars and flows like he hasn’t in a while. Meanwhile, BlocBoy showcases a seriously wavy triplet flow, that calls to mind the likes of Gucci Mane and even Danny Brown.

The video sees the pair somewhere between flexing and having fun, Drake busts out some of his now notoriously corny dance moves, wiggling his head and flicking his wrist like a man possessed. However, BlocBoy JB might be the only MC to out-dance Drake in hip hop history, pulling off full body choreography while simultaneously delivering his verse. You heard it here first; BlocBoy’s one-footed fish flop move is 2018’s dab.

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