Dry Your Eyes Mate

Viewing masculinity through an alternative gaze, stylist CONNORDOWNEY asks us to redefine what this means in fashion

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Big boys don’t cry. Well, at least they weren’t supposed to in a time not too distant from the present. It’s this long-held misconception about masculinity and maleness that is explored in this new fashion editorial from award-winning stylist CONNORDOWNEY. Taking influence from the aesthetics of a post-Soviet state, CONNORDOWNEY toys with the idea of the traditional masculine form by enhancing it with specific clothing and then juxtaposing it with various fashion pieces typically associated with feminity. The resulting images provide an alternative gaze to see the male figure, one which is simultaneously fragile and powerful.

Words Phie McKenzie
Photography Cory Labrosse
Creative and Styling CONNORDOWNEY
Hair and Makeup Sisters of Face
Model James Cowdrill