Dua Lipa releases the new mantra to your breakup

Check out the sassy new single, New Rules, from Notion favourite.

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Dua Lipa

Pop goddess Dua Lipa is back with a brand new single, fresh off her self-titled album which she released earlier this month. The track is called ‘New Rules’ and features a wonderfully diverse cast of fierce females, all of whom appear to be comforting a 21-year-old Lipa and promoting a sense of female empowerment. Lipa dubs the track ‘the breakup song she wished she had’, and rightly so. Sporting lyrics such as ‘if you’re under him/you ain’t getting over him’, the premise of the song is clear: you don’t have to be Dua Lipa to successfully get through a break-up and you don’t need a man to allow your self-confidence and self-worth to skyrocket.

Consistently surrounded by an array of women in the ‘New Rules’ video, Lipa aims to avoid the art of ‘back-sliding’ following a difficult break-up and seeks to provide listeners with a healthy dose of that newly single lady glow we all know so well. The single was released on July 7th and since its video debut has been praised for its idyllic feminist perspective.

Check out the video here:

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