The Dunwells share memories from their US tour

Indie favourites, The Dunwells, share memories with their Mood Board

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Described by Clash as ‘a gospel-driven piece of indie-folk inspiration…soaring, uplifting, desperate and pleading’, Leeds four-piece The Dunwells have continued to make their mark on the music scene since their debut album Bling Sighted Faith in 2012. Accompanied by brother David Dunwell and friends Rob Clayton and Adam Taylor, Joseph Dunwell’s lead vocals help create a melancholic, rich texture of sound that has come to define The Dunwell’s style, heard in such tracks as the visceral ‘Hey Now’ and ‘Hurts’, premiered by Notion back in January.

The Dunwells release their new album, Light Up the Sky today and are set to tour the UK in the coming months, kicking things off in London on 1st April before touring to most major UK cities. With striking visuals and sound, it’s clear to hear the wide range of influences they take from everything around them. We asked the quartet to create us a mood board to give us a personal and very international snapshot into what goes on behind the music.The-Dunwells-CD-Art

From recording and touring to holidays and parking tickets, we’e given a closer look at the lives of The Dunwells as they share their personal memories of band life so far.

The Dunwells’ new album, Light Up The Sky is released today via Modal Music Limited. Download it here.
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