Easy Life are bringing the golden age to Leicester

Mixing indie and underground hip hop, Leicester’s Easy Life make music for a generation of British kids raised on 90s rap.

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Trip-hop, 90s rap and splashes of indie combine in the music of Easy Life. Hailing from Leicester the five-piece have made a quick name for themselves with their infectious cross-genre sound.

Tell us about the music scene in Leicester.
It’s surprisingly exotic sonically with a big focus on dub soundsystem culture as well as a passion for jazz. The city prides itself on its all-encompassing attitude. In fact, where our studio is based is the most ethnically diverse street in the country.

What are the secrets to an ‘easy life’?
We hold up the banner of easy life somewhat ironically as life is never as easy as it perhaps should be. I feel like the people who make things appear easy are those who are being authentic and not afraid to be real with themselves.

What does ‘breaking through’ mean to you?
For us this is simple. Merely being recognised for making the music that we love would be such a blessing.

Have you ever had a breakthrough moment?
There was a time at our gig this kid in the front row, who was almost certainly under the influence of some narcotic, was screwing his face up and throwing gun fingers and losing his shit to our music. We were playing some trumpet loops over some real mellow Rhodes chords, and his reaction was entirely incongruous. It made me feel like a king amongst men and, for a second, I thought we’d made it.

Do you think you even need to ‘breakthrough’ into the mainstream anymore?
People like interesting and cool art whether or not it is mainstream. I’ve been getting increasingly excited about the so-called ‘mainstream’ music recently. It’s an exciting time to be making music because real and authentic art seems to be becoming popular.

What are you looking forward to most at The Great Escape?
It feels like a showcase of talent which, in itself, is inherently exciting. We are looking forward to watching the other artists perform and enjoy themselves and probably get messy in the process.

Featured image: (L-R) Oliver wears Shirt Jacamo, T-shirt Lacoste, Trousers Billionaire Boys Club, Lewis wears T-shirt Astrid Andersen, Trousers & jewellery Artist’s Own, Murray wears T-shirt GAP, trousers Billionaire Boys Club, Jewellery Artist’s Own, Sam wears Sweater Blood Brother, hat Artist’s Own, Jordan wears shit Billionaire Boys Club.

Photographer Giovanni Corabi
Fashion Aisha Jimoh
Grooming AnnMarie Lawson using Kiehl’s & Label.men
Photographer assistant Zac Mahrouche
Stylist assistants Megan La Lau, Grace Toni, Shannon Chan & Shereena Grey