Easy Life make a warped introduction in the video for debut single Pockets

The video for Easy Life's debut single is part infomercial, part archive footage and a whole lot of boredom-induced fun.

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Easy Life

Hip hop plays a strange role in the lives of a lot of young people in the UK. Outside of big cities like London and Manchester, which have developed their own scenes over the years, hip hop is something external to the lives of many of its fans. Visit any secondary school and chances are you’ll find a group of fifteen to eighteen-year-olds taking their first forays into the genre, whisked away from the mundanity of middle England by stories of New York street life and West Coast high rollers.

That’s exactly how Leicester’s Easy Life came to be, formed at school and honed in between jobs at TK MAXX and selling potatoes, the five-piece craft a mix of old school hip hop and heartbroken blue-eyed soul, overlaid with the kind of British melancholy that has launched the likes of Rex Orange County to international fame. Having already been snapped up by Chess Club records, today they’re releasing the video for their debut single ‘Pockets.’ Premiering on Notion this morning it’s a surrealist mix of infomercial, archive footage of Louis Armstrong playing his trumpet and the band themselves performing, edited in the style of a broken VHS tape.

The track itself is appropriately laid back, hip hop drums mingling with vocal samples, jazz piano and later on, victorious trumpets to thoroughly convincing effect. Like Rex Orange County or the latest Tyler, the Creator album, their sound is a lavish mutation of hip hop, one that looks set to take over even more once 2018, and the band’s debut EP, rolls around. Watch the video for ‘Pockets’ below.

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