Eliza comes through with intricate slow-jam Livid

Eliza follows up her come-back single Looking For Love with the delicate new track Livid.

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London singer Eliza has released her new single ‘Livid’. A slow, seductive cut, it showcases the more mature sound Eliza first debuted on previous single ‘Wasn’t Looking’ with lyrics about ‘taking it from bad to good’ and Eliza inviting the song’s subject to get naked. Musically it’s a dreamy, mellow jazz track, gentle chords and subtle bass underpinning the sensuality of Eliza’s lyrics. There’s even a little drizzle of trumpet mid-way through for extra flair. The whole thing is delicately put together, with little inflexions in Eliza’s voice carrying the melody. Alongside the track, Eliza has announced a line of silk underwear, embroidered with lyrics from Eliza’s songs, which will be on sale across next week in honour of valentine’s day. Listen to ‘Livid’ below.

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