The End of the F**ing World makes you want to be seventeen again

The End of the F**cking World is a teenage drama with a dark and compelling twist.

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End of the F**ing World

What would have happened if the story of Bonnie and Clyde was developed in the current era, both were teenage millennials (and therefore, a personal and hormonal disaster) and moved by acts a little nobler, but with disastrous results? We would get the series that everyone is talking about and that has amazed critics: The End of the F**ing World.

Via Netflix, this British production comes in the form of eight short chapters and tells us the experiences of James and Alyssa, two very unusual young people: he is a potential psychopath, and she is a psychotic at large. Everything will change the day their paths cross, and they will embark on the adventure that both had always been waiting for: to find their own place in a world where they do not seem to fit.

That is the key element of the program: two different, misunderstood people in need of a break with their life in order to rebuild it from scratch. In addition, it also has a calm delicacy that helps you touch other elements that surround life: abandonment, harassment, suicide and, especially, an unconditional love that, in the end, is born in a small mass of lies, and is in constant question.

However, a good script would also be nothing without the presence of the two actors that lead the show: Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden. The pair have a chemistry that goes beyond the screen and sweetens a story that, from a distance, could be the most regular. The two actors become the perfect conductors of the darkness and intelligence that permeates every pore of The End of the F**ing World.

The End of the F**ing World is a deep drama that transcends beyond the black comedy tag many have slapped on it and that, although its protagonists are teenagers, delves into substantive issues for the adult world. We have all been Alyssa or James at some point in our lives.

This is a series that makes you want to be a teenager again; to have seventeen years of purity and madness, where it seems that any dream is possible to achieve. That the possibility of reaching that “something” is possible, even if it’s by taking a road without a clear destination.

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