Eva Zar photographs Summer Babes in the City

Photographer Eva Zar and Lunette join forces for an editorial that celebrates female beauty, form and friendship but also the freedom the little Lunette cup gives. Thanks Lunette.

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A Thursday off college, sweltering heat. You and your friends plan to escape the city for the day, aching for the ocean’s breeze to cool your clammy skin, and to bake under rays of hot sunshine. Photographer Eva Zar imagines a hot summer day spent with amongst close friends, venturing from the city and to the sea, capturing close moments on film and Polaroid. Dancing through the streets of New York, running for the train, cartwheels on the beach, and handstands in the sea. Honouring the freedom of movement, the luxury of confidence, and the pleasures of being carefree knowing you’ve got Lunette on your side.

Having grown up in Vienna, and now living in New York, artist and photographer Eva Zar’s art has attracted the attention of publications across the board for her diverse portrayals of femininity, her honest approach to portraiture and her ability to take the viewer into different realities. Her work includes the recent self-portraiture series Take Self Care, a reminder to focus on oneself, candid portrayals of her friends in Shy But Not Shand colourful depictions of the New York drag and performance scene.

Photography Eva Zar
Models Terry, TyraSophie & Elce
Words by Phie McKenzie