Every Single Thing: HOMESHAKE tells us his desert island picks

HOMESHAKE on Star Trek, pizza and his favourite guitar solo.

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2017 has been HOMESHAKE’s year. No longer ‘that guy that was in Mac DeMarco’s band’ with his third album Fresh Air Peter Sagar has become a name in his own right, delicately blending RnB with the kind of lackadaisical, easy-going feeling his former bandmates specialised in. Following the album’s release back in February, HOMESHAKE is set to cross the Atlantic next month for a run of UK and European shows, bringing their blissful sounds to our shores just in time for summer. Ahead of the tour, we caught up with Peter to find out, in the spirit of his music, every single thing that he loves for his exclusive mood board. The results are just as varied, and low-key sweet, as you’d expect for a Canadian guitarist making hazy, alternative RnB.

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