Excuse me, Bad Sounds would like to know,
Are You High?

Bad Sounds wreck a squash court in the video for bouncy new single Are You High?

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The world of hip-hop and indie merge closer together every day. Up and down the UK, kids who grew up listening to hip-hop but playing the guitar are figuring out ways to combine their passions. While it might initially sound like the stuff of acoustic YouTube cover nightmares, the results have actually been pretty boundary-pushing, with the likes of Hak Baker, Rex Orange County and Easy Life, who we introduced you to yesterday, each spinning the genres off in new directions.

Bath’s Bad Sounds have been ahead of that curve for a few years now. Emerging back in 2015 they’ve steadily built up a catalogue of ‘DIY indie meets the Dust Brothers’ inspired tunes, fusing hip hop grooves with indie melodies and charm. New single ‘Are You High?’ is no exception. A burst of samples, strung out guitar riffs and half-rapped-half-sung vocals, it’s one of the group’s catchiest tracks to date. It’s no wonder Annie Mac has already made it her Track of The Week on Radio 1.

Today they’ve shared the accompanying video for it and it’s chaotic as we’ve come to expect from the group. Confetti, Chinese dragons and balloons all feature heavily as the band perform in a squash court. Despite the plethora of props and extravagant outfits in the video, it’s singer/ keyboardist Callum that steals the show, flexing his best dance moves in a blinding white jumpsuit embossed with the band’s logo. In short, he’s having a good time. Explaining how the video came to be Bad Sounds said:  “Everything we ever do is DIY and rough around the edges. We kind of toyed with the idea of renting a proper studio but it didn’t feel like us, plus it’s expensive as shit! So we just rented some random squash court (pretty sure the owner had no idea what we were using it for) and destroyed that for a day. We asked a load of people chuck stuff at us for about 10 hours, then we went home and questioned what we’re doing with our lives.” Watch the video for ‘Are You High?’ below. 

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