Exploring the world with Ariana and the Rose

We'd love to go on tour with Ariana.

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The London-via-New York synth-pop artist is a firecracker of a newcomer. Ariana and the Rose, AKA Ariana DiLorenzo is the pop star that brings all sensory aspects to her work having originally started as an actress and with strong interests in visual work. The singer picked up music as a side-project, but ultimately pursued it full-time, and we’re so happy she did. Her sounds are sweet and sensual, with a tinge of 80’s power ballad. Think Halsey covers ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ in the peak of synth-pop circa 1984. Yes, that good.

Living the lifestyle of a pop star takes adjusting, with minimal sleep, vocal practice, and lots and lots of travelling. Luckily DiLorenzo has a bit of wanderlust, telling us she “travels all the time and really love[s] it. I get to travel for work a lot, writing and touring, when I have time off I love to go to places I’ve never been. I also love exploring new cities and try to spend a day or a least a few hours of exploring in any new city I visit”.

See a gallery of the singer’s photos of her favourite places.

Ariana will be playing London’s Moth Club on 15 May, get your tickets here.

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