Farah celebrate the origins of soundsystem culture in new documentary

In honour of carnival, Farah and Rampage come together to celebrate the history of soundsystems in the UK.

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Alas carnival weekend comes to a close once again. After two days of soundsystems, street parties and soca we’re not quite ready to wait another year for another dose Caribbean culture. Luckily menswear brand Farah have teamed up with one of our favourite systems at carnival, Rampage, for a very special documentary about the history of the event and its soundsystems. Together with pioneers like Rodney P, Tippa Ire and Trevor Nelson they explore how Jamaican immigrants bought the soundsystem culture over from Kingston and created a space for the black community in London in the face of persecution.

While Rampage specialises in grime and other British-born but Caribbean influenced genres, the documentary focuses on the earliest British soundsystems in the 70s and early 80s, delving into the fashion and culture that surrounded them as well as the music. They explain impact of the mods and American culture on the way the soundboys dressed and which brands, including Farah of course, were the must have for anyone working behind the speakers. What better way to revel in the carnival vibes for a little longer than than by learning about the pioneers that started it all? Watch ‘Nice Up The Dance!’ below and get a closer look at this year’s Rampage soundsystem in the gallery above.

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Photography Rachel Cox and Richard Pascoe