Filipino stuntmen, Oliver Stone and lost cinematic gems: Trailer Trash Tracys break down their new album

Trailer Trash Tracys are set to return in style next month, we get the break down on their new album / film score Althaea.

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Trailer Trash Tracys

Trailer Trash Tracys are a band like few others. First rising to prominence back in 2010 with a track titled ‘Strangling Good Guys’ they were hailed as a new breed of pop experimentalists. They led the pack of blissed out shoegazers and dream poppers that would come to define the summer of 2011 and pricked ears with their 2012 debut. Then, silence. For almost five years the band were off the radar, missing, sadly presumed dead. In June this year, they announced their return, not so much a comeback as reformation.

Now a duo Trailer Trash Tracys announced a new album that would double as the soundtrack to acclaimed Filipino director Raya Martin’s new film of the same name, Althaea. Ahead of its release next month, we got Suzanne and Jimmy to fill us in on some of the project’s key influences, including a deep dive into the world of Filipino cinema. Watch the video for first single ‘Eden Machine’ below and get stuck into their selections after the jump.

Motion Graphics – ‘Lense’

Motion Graphics is a labelmate, and references similar soundscapes to our new album Althaea. Released last year, ‘Lense’ is an alternative take on Asiatic samples.

Wild Palms

“Possibly better than the Twin Peaks return episodes? Wild Palms is a cult TV series set in the future, with visionary Edwardian fashion influences. Oliver Stone tastefully critique’s multi national corporations.”

Raya Martin – How to Disappear Completely

“Raya Martin has been called the  David Lynch of the Philippines. We like to think he has his own style, and we were honoured to work and soundtrack his latest upcoming film Althaea. He mashes style and humour so elegantly, How To Disappear Completely is a dark yet poetic classic.”

Mother (Opening Scene)

“We watched this opening scene on repeat. The film itself is a favourite of ours, but the opening sequence captures the lead character as being ‘real’, as if to say ‘this is my story, no matter how sad, just to let you know it’s all ok.'”

Tropical Malady

“We directed our videos for our new singles. This film trailer was playing in a hotel we were staying in, and subsequently, we watched the whole film. We basically took this film as a mood for our videos.”

Machete Maidens

“A film that looks at the exploitation of Filipino stuntman, but shows how the Philippines was the place in the 70s for indie film makers to make a film without rules and without big budgets.”

Butoh: Frauke – Running Foxes

“A Butoh dance: A Japanese dance that features on our front cover. It combines eccentricity and tradition in style.”

Days of Being Wild (Intro)

“Great film, love the opening sequence; you could repeat this for 40 minutes and play our album to it; just a simple cinematic idea, captures the mood.”

Mariah – Utakata no Hibi

“Someone sent us this record to us a few years ago, and said our music sounded similar. Such a compliment, as the record, is sublime, and quickly becoming a classic after 30 years.”

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