Floating Points takes to the desert in the new video for Kelso Dunes

The producer has released the second installation from his upcoming project, Reflections - Mojave Desert.

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Deep inside the Mojave Desert, you can find Sam Shepherd, AKA Floating Points, and his live band jamming out for the music video of the new track ‘Kelso Dunes’. In true Floating Points fashion, ‘Kelso Dunes’, much like its video, is gradual, progressive, and ultimately epic. What starts in the producer’s recognisable lo-fi techno style builds into chaotic, industrial noise, where every instrument is emphasised. This build-up into utter musical pandemonium is a signature move of the producer, one that renders him truly original and groundbreaking in dance music.

The track certainly has the video to match, beginning with serene panning shots of the Mojave Desert at dawn, it transforms slowly into a Mighty Boosh-esque LSD trip as the sun sets and the track progresses. The video comes as a follow up to the producer’s previously released ‘Silurian Blue’ video, which is part of his new project ‘Reflections’, a film which chronicles time lapsing in the Mojave Desert. The film is due to be released on 30th June, with the full soundtrack released alongside it. ‘Reflections’ will be screened at the Barbican Theatre on 29th June and streamed online by Boiler Room. See the new video below.

You can buy tickets to the ‘Reflections’ screening here.

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