Formation break down how to survive the next four years in their Mood Board

Formation tells us everything they need to survive the political mess we're in.

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We live in scary times. Between Trump and Theresa May, there’s something of an unpleasant smell in the air surrounding politics today and the new generation don’t really know how to get rid of it. In these times, music takes on an extra importance, and we look to pop culture figures for a little hope. New-comers Formation have more claim to lead the world of pop culture right now than most, frontman Will moonlights as a journalist and poet, as well as running his own publishing company, and that political spirit most definitely finds its way into the group’s music. With that in mind, we got the group to break down how they’ll be surviving the next four years of political mess.

Billy Martin’s Life On Drums

“This is about more than drumming, the film really opens you up to thinking about how you can express yourself emotionally through music. Billy Martin is a living legend and one of the sweetest, most genuine people alive.”


“Probably the most relevant, funny and cutting TV shows…ever?!! Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino is amazing, as is the rest of the cast. It made us all laugh a lot, it’s got some of the most unforgettable quotes and it deserves more attention in the UK!”

Ernest Hemingway – The Old Man and the Sea

“We can all argue about the ‘deeper’ meaning of this great story, but If you’re in a band and have read this book you know it only represents one thing, tour lyf.”

Upcoming UK Tour and Album release

“We’re really excited about doing our first headline UK tour in support of our debut album ‘Look At The Powerful People’. It means a lot to be able to get out there and meet people, play music and make a real connection. Its going to be an emotional ride.”

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