London’s neo-funk merchants Franc Moody want to Make You Smile

Franc Moody perfect the art on funk-laden new single Make You Smile.

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Franc Moody started the way all the best bands in London used to start, in an abandoned warehouse. Located somewhere north of Camden, Ned and Jon, the pair at the core of the group, cut their teeth throwing parties that lasted until five in the morning and building their own recording studios out of discarded and second-hand instruments. While living there they came to know countless other musicians and creatives, many of whom have contributed in some way or another to making Franc Moody what it is today. For those unaware what Franc Moody is, it’s a sprawling collective specialising in reimagined funk bangers that borrow equally as much from Moroder as Maggot Brain. Over the last couple of years, they’ve released a string of woozy bangers and today they’re sharing new single ‘Make You Smile’.

A pure distillation of the group’s dancefloor-ready sound, according to Franc Moody the track is “about the simplicity of just wanting to make someone smile in whatever form that may take. To ensure they have a good time”. Based on the fact that I’ve been gently bobbing up and down at my desk all morning with it on repeat I’d say they’ve succeeded. Packed with glamorous synth lines and with a lead melody that threatens to burst into Klaxons-esque nu rave at any second it’s London warehouse funk at its finest. Listen to ‘Make You Smile’ below and catch Franc Moody live in full force at the Village Underground in October.

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