Get to know Malaysia’s RnB Queen Yuna

Step into the life of the seriously soulful songstress – Yuna

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With a seriously stylish wardrobe and a silky smooth voice, Yuna has been VERY busy this year. Earlier in Summer, the Malaysian-born singer released her third studio album, entitled Chapters, which includes some delicious tracks including ‘Crush‘ featuring Usher, ‘Used To Love You‘ with Jhene Aiko and ‘Places To Go‘ which was produced by none other that DJ Premier. Chapters is the follow up from her second album, Nocturnal, which came out in 2013. After its much-anticipated release, Chapters was quickly given the world’s stamp of approval with Nylon Magazine stating that “The album is an ode to the power of love” (we’d take that).

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Yuna was exposed to both Malaysian and Western music largely thanks to her dad’s love of American blues and jazz. After starting to write and compose her own songs at the tender age of 14, it wasn’t long before she began to perform in public accompanied by her acoustic guitar. Yuna’s infusion of R&B, acoustic folk, and soulful sounds makes for a deliciously different songstress.

We get to know what Yuna gets up to and can’t get enough of for her Notion mood board exclusive.

We’re expecting big things from Yuna. She’s just announced a US tour and we’re on the edge of our seats to see what’s next. To keep updated check out Yuna’s official website.

If you want to get more of Yuna check her out on Instagram and Twitter
Yuna’s Album ‘Chapters’ can be found on Itunes
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