Fun Lovin’ Criminal, Radio Six DJ, and New York icon Huey Morgan spills his biggest party secrets

Fun Lovin' Criminal, DJ and all round music guru, Huey Morgan tells us how to our weekends up a notch - NYC style

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Huey Morgan is a man that knows a thing or two about a good night out. For the last twenty years he’s been spinning tales of misadventure in NYC with the Fun Lovin’ Criminals and his BBC Radio 6 show never fails to deliver the heat. This Saturday he’ll be bringing some of his trade-markedly NYC vibes to LDN with our friends at the Holy Birds for a free party in their basement Mule Bar. To get us in the mood for the weekend, we got Huey to tell us his best party stories and secrets, although hopefully your night doesn’t end with gunfire…

For a typical set, which artists do you start with?
Huey: Most of the time I check the classics early in the set to get the vibe right. By typicality isn’t my thing, so it could be anything that I’m feeling on the night. FGTH has a great cover of Springsteen’s ‘Born To Run’ that was working some butts on the floor recently.

Tell us what your cocktail of choice is?
I drink all types of stuff when I spin. My favourite is the stuff that’s free.

And what you’re wearing?
What kind of fractured logic are you rolling with? I’m wearing clothes that a grown man wears; jeans, a t-shirt and white on white Air Force One’s – no jeggings or Thrasher hoodies. Got the Yankee hat up in the piece like I’m Todd Terry though.

Which is your fail-safe tune(s) to get people moving? 
With white crowds, I can move them with Stevie Wonder, when it’s a more diverse crowd you can drop hip-hop classics. So, ‘We Can Work It out’ by Stevie and ‘DWYCK’ by Gang Starr and ‘Warning’ by Biggie will get heads moving and asses shaking.

The song that makes me want to dance is…
‘Fast Love’ by George Michael. Brother had it going on as a producer on that joint. He didn’t think he was nice; he KNEW he was nice.

Best DJ set you ever witnessed?
I’ve been in the booth for a good amount of amazing sets in my life, but if I had to give you three, it would be Kid Capri at the LQ in NYC in ’93 or 94, DJ Premier at the Tunnel in NYC in the mid 90’s (I worked there) and Jazzy Jeff, whenever he does a gig- GOAT.

What makes a great party venue?
The people, always! In NYC we had it the best- All through the 80s and the 90s every DJ that was worth a damn, pretty much either started or played in New York on a regular and I remember the LQ, Roxy, Aria, The Building, Cheetah and of course The Limelight, Palladium and The Tunnel, where I worked. It always comes down to how hard the people want to party and in NYC, you got fucked with all week so the party was ferocious and 50% of the time, ended in gunfire.

What are your golden rules for a good night out? 
Let folk do what they need to do to make themselves happy, mind your own business, and do what you need to do to make yourself happy. But that shit can be transcendental. Dig?

Huey Morgan plays the Holy Birds’ Mule Bar on Saturday night, sign up for guestlist here
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