The Gift + Brian Eno escape neon-lit New York in sci-fi video for Clinic Hope

The Gift turn New York into their neon playground in their new visuals for Clinic Hope

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Living in the English-speaking world it can be easy to overlook the music scenes of other countries, While we do our bit to shine out light on the best European acts as well as the best British and North American, even Notion hasn’t been paying a huge amount of attention to music coming out of Portugal. Well apart from The Gift, that is.

Veterans of the country’s alternative rock scene, the group have been together for over twenty years and are known in Portugal for putting out some of the most experimental, genre-pushing rock around. During their time together they’ve made some famous friends, including none-other than Brian Eno whose taken on co-writing duties for their new album.

The latest single from that upcoming album is ‘Clinic Hope’ a driving, upbeat track bubbling with analog synths and laden with ear-worm hooks. The accompanying video sees actor Logan Cunningham driven to escape from New York by mysterious bursts of music and strange, neon-lit apparitions. Cunningham encounters fellow New Yorkers also following this unknown force, leading them to a mysterious warehouse on the outskirts of town where who knows what they’ll find. It’s like The OA but with Portuguese alt-rock and Brian Eno. Watch below.

The Gift play Eurosonic-Nooderslag festival in the Netherlands later today

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