Girlhood get old school for new single Baby Teeth

Do you miss the old Kanye? The chop up the soul Kanye? Then you'll love Girlhood' new single.

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It might be Halloween but that doesn’t mean you need to spend your day holed away listening to horror-core. In fact, we’re hardly feeling spooky at all this morning. So instead of delving back into our goth phase, we’ve got the literal opposite in the form of RnB duo Girlhood’s new single ‘Baby Teeth.’ A swaggering, classic sounding track full of energetic horns and lively percussion, ‘Baby Teeth’ has an instrumental that wouldn’t sound out of place with Marvin Gaye or Lauryn Hill over the top of it.

Made up of Christian and Tessa, Girlhood hail from London and while they sound like they make their music in a Quincy Jones-worthy studio, complete with session musicians and an army of backing singers, they actually craft it all themselves in Christian’s narrowboat on the canals of LDN. ‘Baby Teeth’ is a coming of age track, with Tessa espousing the value of self-esteem and confidence, even in difficult periods of life. Speaking about the track the pair said: “It’s a coming of age kinda song. We start as seeds and grow into saplings until we evolve into baobab trees. It’s about living in your own skin, being true to yourself and never giving up on the dreams you have. No matter who you are; you may not have legs for days, but I still like you anyway.”

Watch the video below.

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