Girls, Uninterrupted aims to showcase an uncensored vision of femininity in art

New exhibition Girls, Uninterrupted is the perfect antidote to the art world's censored portrayal of the female experience.

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During the last couple of years, feminism and the vindication of women’s rights have been subject to many exhibitions on both sides of the ocean. From the Guerrilla Girls at MoMA to Riot Grrrls at the MCA or the Pussy Riot gals at the Saatchi Gallery, women from all over the world are challenging the sensitivity of the boy’s club that has historically shaped art.

With this idea in mind, Florence Given and Creative Debuts gallery — the lovechild of Calum Hall and Alex Rollings – have curated a new exhibition, Girls, Uninterrupted, where women are the focal point, both as subject matter and as artists. A journey through illustration, photography, painting, and sculpture created by nineteen stereotype-defying artists discussing everything to do with the female experience, from sexuality to race, from depression to Islamophobia.

Having shown her work in another all-female exhibition last year, curator Given felt the need to “give this opportunity to other female artists whose work deserves a platform, and whose voices need to be heard”. In an age where women are still censored unless a commercial gain it’s obtained, exhibitions like this exist not just to empower women but to denounce the limited presence of women in the world of arts and culture.

Take a look at a selection of work from the show above and if you like art, women, and booze, don’t skip the private view on tomorrow (11th February) because no one has time for dry January and sexism in art.

Girls, Uninterrupted is free and runs from the 11-15 January at Creative Debuts.

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